According to Baseball Info Solutions, Piscotty swings at 49.3 percent of the pitches he sees. When he takes a cut, 72 percent of the pitches he swings at are in the strike zone, compared to 29.7 percent outside of it. The delta, or difference between the two, is roughly 42 percent.

Matt Holliday, whose plate discipline was the subject of a flattering article published on Grantland earlier this year, posts a delta of roughly 48 percent (a spread of 76 percent in the zone, 28 percent out of it). Fellow rookies Joc Pederson and Jung-ho Kang sport deltas of 38 and 35 percent respectively. Mike Trout? 31.

Stephen Piscotty is an uncommonly poised and disciplined rookie. After getting to interview him for my podcast while he was in the minors, I had the pleasure of watching him perform at the MLB level.

Once he was called up, he succeeded at a rate that was unmatched by any Cardinal call-up. Looking for answers as to why he was so special, I dug into the data for answers. [Full Story][Published Link]