In January of 2015, I launched a podcast for our baseball coverage. I was an avid listener of several podcasts, but had never produced one or knew anyone who had.

Over the course of three weeks, I ran through a crash course of audio equipment, production processes, and podcast distribution. By January 15th we were recording, by the 17th we had our first episode.

I handled all the equipment, production, editing and distribution, as well as hosted the conversations and booked the guests. Two things were paramount for its success: informative and entertaining conversation and professional audio quality.

We were fortunate enough to feature Cardinal broadcasters, beat writers, coaches and players in our first year, and found success in a space that was previously untouchable for our coverage. Most episodes are 30-40 minutes in length, but the episode featured above is our most popular, so I thought why not throw it out. [Soundcloud][iTunes][Stitcher]