GM Mozeliak, Chairman Dewitt Speak Out On Data Breach

July 1, 2015By adminNews, Sports

ST. LOUIS — With the Cardinals embroiled in baseball’s biggest scandal, Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. and General Manager John Mozeliak sat down for an interview with KMOV and other outlets in St. Louis. Both men maintained they had no knowledge of the data breach prior to being informed of the FBI’s investigation of the club, … Read More

Speed Kills

July 1, 2015By adminSports

ST. LOUIS — As the dawn of the 2015 season broke, St. Louis found itself waking with a new identity in mind. 2014’s station-to-station offense had been a gruesome slog through 162 games, and the speed-laden club was looking for a change. “This spring training we kind of talked with Mike (Manager Mike Matheny), the … Read More

The Second Life: Chris Carpenter Retires

July 1, 2015By adminSports

(BaseballStL) – Baseball players live two lifetimes. In the first, they all share a common centerpiece. They compete in a sport that less than 20,000 people in history have played professionally, and they are in the topmost tier of athletic prowess and notoriety. In the second, the script is wholly unwritten. It is up to … Read More

A Seat At The Table

July 1, 2015By adminSports

(BaseballStL) — The fraternity of Major League Baseball players is exclusive. Millions have tried. Eliminated at various levels by ability, injury or age, nearly all of them fail. The plain truth is that making it to the majors is nearly a statistical impossibility. Some claw to the top on sheer talent or reinvent themselves to … Read More

15 Minutes With Red

July 1, 2015By adminSports

ST. LOUIS — Red Schoendienst sat in a small media room in the depths of Busch Stadium, wearing a crisp olive green suit with a Cardinal red tie, a contrast to the simple baseball uniform he’s worn for much of the last 70 years. The 92-year-old smiled kindly at the small crowd of reporters. “What … Read More

The Sultan In A Swap

July 1, 2015By adminSports

ST. LOUIS — Having the right number can mean a lot to a professional baseball player. Whether it’s sentiment, superstition or just familiarity, the digits on the back of the duds seem to matter. So when John Lackey joined the Cardinals, a situation developed over number 41. Lackey had worn 41 his entire career (briefly taking … Read More

The Coming Storm

June 30, 2015By adminNews

NEW ORLEANS ( — Exiting the plane at MSY, the air crackled with nervous energy. There is a storm coming, and the locals in New Orleans are anxiously aware of it. Isaac approaches on the eve of a dark anniversary. Set to make landfall Wednesday morning, the newest threat to coastal cities is following in the … Read More