What We Talk About When We Talk About Cybersecurity

May 22, 2017By adminSports

Cybersecurity is scary. It’s utterly necessary yet nearly impossible to comprehensively understand. The reason for this is simple: Nearly every piece of information in the modern world is exposed to risk. In addition to federal infrastructure and national security, cyber attacks target financial information, aerospace technology, intellectual property, healthcare records and almost every aspect of a … Read More

Finding great in the pursuit of good

May 22, 2017By adminFeatures, Sports

FT. MYERS, Fl. (KMOV.com) — In Hawaii, they always played in the rain. It was unavoidable. After all, the annual rainfall in Kolten Wong’s home town of Hilo is anywhere between 130 and 200 inches, meaning rain falls on a near-daily basis. But rain can make baseball entertaining. The bounce of the ball is unpredictable, … Read More

Baseball will quickly move on from Cardinals scandal

May 22, 2017By adminSports

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) — The final judgment has been rendered and the punishment meted out. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred concluded a two-year ordeal Monday, announcing punishment for the Cardinals for the hacking scandal perpetrated by their former scouting director Chris Correa. What, then, are we left with? Correa was sentenced to spend nearly four years in … Read More

Label Insight Uses Data To Tell The Real Story Behind Your Food

May 22, 2017By adminFeatures

Startup founders quickly realize that the work can be exhausting. For every euphoric crest, there’s a demoralizing crater along the way. Dheeraj Patri got a taste of both long before Label Insight. “Nobody ever really arrives,” says  Patri. “I don’t know if I’d advise people to do this, it’s not easy. You have to really want to.” Photo … Read More

Man in the middle

May 22, 2017By adminFeatures

As millions of sports fans across the country hunch over their computers and smartphones stressing over their fantasy sports teams, Brian Matthews sits in a meeting room on the eighth floor of T-REX in Downtown St. Louis. Most of those armchair managers have never heard of Matthews, but he’s largely responsible for their fretting and … Read More

Calling All Maniacs: Gogol Bordello

July 23, 2015By adminPersonal

I’ll make this as clear as I can: Gogol Bordello does not care about you. As an individual, you have no bearing on their show, their happiness or their day-to-day lives. They will take the stage, stoke your excitement and unleash a maniacal celebration of freedom that’s usually reserved for revolutionaries, but they aren’t there … Read More

Chisom Uche Loves Local

July 23, 2015By adminFeatures

Chisom Uche, TopOpps’ fiercely intelligent and civically-motivated marketing specialist, is a sterling representative of St. Louis’ entrepreneurial community. A recent graduate, Uche is passionate about his community, his work and has a vision for the future—St. Louis’ and his own. We have teamed up with Cultivation Capital to tell you this story. Uche arrived in … Read More

GM Mozeliak, Chairman Dewitt Speak Out On Data Breach

July 1, 2015By adminNews, Sports

ST. LOUIS — With the Cardinals embroiled in baseball’s biggest scandal, Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. and General Manager John Mozeliak sat down for an interview with KMOV and other outlets in St. Louis. Both men maintained they had no knowledge of the data breach prior to being informed of the FBI’s investigation of the club, … Read More

Speed Kills

July 1, 2015By adminSports

ST. LOUIS — As the dawn of the 2015 season broke, St. Louis found itself waking with a new identity in mind. 2014’s station-to-station offense had been a gruesome slog through 162 games, and the speed-laden club was looking for a change. “This spring training we kind of talked with Mike (Manager Mike Matheny), the … Read More