I love stories.

I’m son to two career journalists, both of whom strongly suggested I pick just about any other major when I began thinking about what to do in college. But they insisted I see the world in my youth, and years of travel and exposure to a universe much grander and more captivating than my own left me with an unshakeable love for the extraordinary tales of ordinary people.

The summer of my sophomore year in college, I met a designer at the paper I interned for who taught me design with great patience and indefatigable enthusiasm. We became business partners in 2008, cultivating a side business as freelance designers.

That work persists to this day, though when I became a full-time beat writer covering the St. Louis Cardinals, free hours became scarce and our output was cut back. We were lucky to have created dozens of posters, album covers, flyers, websites, and business card/branding packages, and I learned a whole new set of skills along the way.

In 2013, I began writing about the Cardinals for the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, and by 2014, I was put in charge of all written content about the team; tasked with making our coverage competitive in a market that featured long-standing sports fixtures. I was also put in charge of our BaseballStL app, which we used to provide content, scores, standings, and tons of other features to a user base of more than 200,000 people. I also launched the station’s first podcast. For someone who loves stories, and how they’re told, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.

In 2018, my family got bigger with the birth of our son. I didn’t want to miss a second, so I took on a new challenge with a little more normal hours and much less travel. I launched a second podcast, and became the company-wide resource for how they established workflows and quality standards. I’ve focused on that while also maintaining editorial and design duties, which has helped broaden my skills (and humble me regularly).

I read less than I should these days (especially books), but I try my best to take in as much as I can.

I qualified for Jeopardy! once. I’m a serial completist. This has led to me watching more terrible movies and TV shows than you could imagine, simply because I needed to know how they end.

Live music is one of life’s great pleasures, and I partake as often as I can. I subscribe to the belief that, when it comes to cost, you should never skimp on headphones, spirits or anything between you and the ground.